Friday, February 7, 2014

Gwen & Toby's wardrobes (Maggie has everything she needs handed down from Gwen)

This is probably sort of strange to see bad pictures of my kids clothes, but I'm trying to create a small wardrobe for the next 2 years for my kids.  We are moving over seas and A LOT of the American women there have been telling me to buy before we go.  But I really like the idea of supporting the local economy and buying local.  So I feel like I should assemble a small wardrobe for my kids that I can build on with local goods.  
Here is a list of the things I already have collected from hand me downs, thrift stores and clearance racks.  I wanted to have all the info here so I can refer to it through the moving process.  Since we don't want to have too much extra stuff, i want to make sure to be searching for things that coordinate with what I've already got instead of collecting a bunch of great deals that don't match.

I'm going to try and continually update this list
Gwen Size 8
(Assuming we are accepted to the school we applied for, Gwen will be wearing a uniform to school every week-day, so she really doesn't need a ton of clothes anyway.)
I'd like Gwen to have some more
  • t-shirts
  • underpants
  • hoodies or light sweaters
  • very light and breathable rain jacket (May need to purchase after arriving overseas)

Gwen Size 10
I'd like Gwen to have some more
  • shorts (all the bottoms pictured here are skirts) 
  • underpants
  • Socks
  • Dresses

Gwen's shoes
Gwen is currently wearing a size 13.  In june I'd like to take her shopping for some size 1 shoes.
She will be needing at least 
  • 1 pair of sporty shoes to wear for Gym and other high energy activities. (they should be a size 1.)
  • 1 pair of sandals that fit her well for all the summer fun we will have before we arrive to our new home.

Toby's 2T summer clothes
He seems to have plenty now.  But if I find some deals on things I don't have I won't turn them away.
Toby could have some more:
  • t-shirts (he's got 3 dress shirts, 4 polos, but only 1 t-shirt)
  • Shorts (He has 1 pair of khaki's, 1 pair denim shorts and some swim trunks)
  • Short-alls (because I LOVE overalls :)
  • socks

 Toby's 2T fall/winter clothes
We will probably use these if Toby grows out of his 18 month clothes before the warm weather arrives this spring, or when we travel back to the states next year.  I don't feel the need to expand this wardrobe right now.  It's a great base and I'll add to it when the need arises with some more long sleeve shirts or sweat shirts.  

 Toby's 3T clothes
I think we are fairly well set.  He will probably need some underpants.  But we can order those when he's ready to be a big boy.

 Toby's Shoes
Right now Toby is in Size 5, but he has been wearing them for a long time and I can see they will be too small soon.  He will be having foot surgery in March, so when he is all healed in April we will probably take him out to get some size 6's.
He will need

  •  Some everyday play shoes that he can wear to the bus stop size 6
  • Another pair that he can wear to church on sundays. Size 6
  • Some dressy size 7 shoes if I can find a deal.  Otherwise, just wait to see what is available locally.

 The shoes in between the 7 & 8 are size 7 1/2
I also have some size 9 sandals that are in one of the size 3T pics

Things for me to remember:

  • Come back and update with 
    • Maggie's shoes
    • Coats/jackets for Gwen & Maggie
    • Gwen's size 10 clothes
  • I've been thinking about shipping some boxes of heavy winter coats to my mom's house so we don't have to take them overseas, yet we will still have them available to us when we come for visits.
  • Any stores that ship to APO boxes can send stuff to me while I am overseas at regular US Shipping rates.  Most of the time stores will ship any item that is not to large to APO addresses.  The stores I've heard ship to APO addresses are:
    • Amazon
    • Target

Friday, November 29, 2013

wish list ornament

One set of ornaments done, lots more to go.

Here is how my nephews ornaments turned out.  I think they are adorable and I'm fairly sure they are going to just love them.  I just used some empty black spools that I had in my sewing area and some ribbon from my box so they were basically a free way to say 'I love you' and 'Merry Christmas' all rolled into one.

Here is the link to the original tutorial where I found the idea.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Christmas ornaments

This year I'm doing something a little different for my extended family Christmas party.  I haven't been abel to attend for a few years now and it just seems a little silly for me to be a part of a christmas exchange for a party I don't even go to.  I've been trying to come up with an idea of how to still show my love to them, and I think I've found it.  I'm going to make them Christmas ornaments.

Here are some of the ideas I found today that I'd like to try out.

"charming ornaments"

"Christmas wish list ornaments"

  • I think my nephews will love this.  One of them has a CRAZY long wish list this year.

"Christmas tree stump"

"Scrabble ornaments"

Dala Horse ornament

Here are a few picture ornaments.  I can't decide what one is my fav

wood plaques
Tin wedding box
Paper sewing
Juice top lids

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Batman cap for Halloween

For Halloween this year I made a few costumes.
I used this tutorial to make myself a candy corn costume. Make sure to sew the fleece so that it stretches from side to side and then you don't have to worry about a zipper or buttons to get in and out of the costume.

And since we already had a batman costume for my toddler I fell in love with this idea for a cape.  I made mine out of fleece so that it would repel rain and possibly offer more warmth.  Plus, I didn't have to worry about hemming everything or the fabric unraveling.

Toby thought it was the best peek-a-boo toy EVER because it never fell off.

 Hope you all had a great Halloween too

Friday, August 23, 2013

It's fun to dream

For a year or 2 now my husband and I have been saving money every month to buy a house "some day"  which to us meant probably not for another 12+ years when he retires from the military.  The money comes automatically out of his paycheck like the kids collage savings plans and our retirement plan.  It was so far out into the future that we didn't really think much about it.
But recently we have been day dreaming of buying something small near our families in a vacation community so we can use it in the summer and rent it out to skiers in the winter.  Who knows if it will ever happen, but the idea of it has been making it easier to increase the amount of money we are putting into our account every month.

Some of the options we have been finding are:

  • Ski in/ski out condos.  Those are really small, but probably easy to rent out because they are so convenient.
  • Cabins that are close to the resort shuttle locations so we could have more space and an easy way for vacationers to get to the slopes.  
  • Buy land and build our own cabin on our own time.
My favorite thing has become the idea of buying some land.  Because when we look at properties online, no matter how perfect they might seem to us, they probably won't be available when we are ready to buy.  

Its fun to see lots on the computer and research things about it like...
  • Could we camp out on the land for fun before we decide to build?
  • Are there rules about how long the land can stay empty before we build?
  • How close are the trail heads and ski lifts?
  • how much would it cost to install all the necessary utilities on land that is not yet equipped with power, water, sewer/septic...

But even more fun than looking at land is looking at floor plans/making our own floor plans.  We especially love the idea of floor plans that can be added onto in the future.

  • A free floor plan website 
  • A building cost calculator
  • We found this website that has floor plans for sale with guesstamits on how much they would cost to execute.  Here are some of our favorites for a snowy area like Snoqualmie Pass.

*plans with Lofts for bunkbeds and cousin sleepovers :)
*So small the bedrooms don't even have built in closets.  (Meant to be true vacation cabin I think.)
*Something we could comfortably retire in
*Garage with apartment above for a quick build on a lot

As fun as it is to dream, dreams don't always last.  Before I was done dreaming of our attainable vacation cabin/condo, sam moved on to bigger and better things.  He is now dreaming of buying a real home in about 5 years if all the planets a line and we get stationed in Washington.  And now he has gone money saving crazy.

In his search for a home near the WA military bases he has found some great things that we should be able to afford.  He showed me one that I liked and decided I must document the awesome master suite.

I LOVE that bathroom/closet set up.

We don't know what our future holds, but we know we will need to keep saving money to make our dreams come true.

New idea 2-28-2014
Every day when my husband comes home he likes the kitchen counter to be clean so he can use it to look through the mail.  I love that he takes the responsibility to get the mail, sort through it and manage the monthly bills.  But I hate that his mail place is also my kitchen space.  It just makes it hard to clean.  When mail is left out occasionally, I never know what to do with it.  I normally just pile it up at the far end so he can sort through it when he has time.
I think the perfect solution would be a counter against 1 wall in the mud room.  It could be all his, out of the way when we have guests & it would simplify kitchen clean up.  Right now we have a roll top desk in the kitchen that is "his"  but the kids and I use it too.  It's size is probably the reason why he just leaves the mail on the counter.  Maybe I should clean the desk out and rededicate it to him as a solution until its dream house time.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


1 week and counting until the wedding!  The 3 dresses are complete :)

Our bride wants the girls to wear a ribbon in their hair, but I know that they will pull it out a few times during our wedding events.  So instead of  having to retie the bow constantly I thought I'd make some head bands that look like a ribbon tied in their hair.

We could do something like this with the ribbon sewn over a plastic headband  (the flat bow can stay, go, or be swapped out with something different.)

Or something like this that is just some ribbon with an elastic sewn to the ends

We can add a bow to the ribbon and it will look like this  

Or we could do a flower clip instead of the bow.
This one is not the same as the flower in the last post.  That one was made out of the fabric of the skirt and this one is made out of the ribbon.

Last but not least a ruffly headband like this.

If you have time, tell us what you think Heather.  (If you are way too busy with other pre-wedding stuff we will just bring 3 of everything so you don't have to think about it.)  We hear the Bridal shower is today.  Hope you have a great time, wish we were there.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wedding hair

I am done with 2 of the 3 dresses and before I send one of them off in the mail I thought I'd get some feedback on hair ideas so I could send some hair accessories with the dress.  This is the dress I'm sending off.  It's a bit short for Maggie, but will be perfect for the intended wearer.

The first 3 are quick and easy hair do's, the last 2 take more time and skill.

Here are 2 easy accessories to make.  the flower is just a fabric yoyo with a button covering up the raw edges and the bow can be explained here at the ribbon retreat

#1 Flower Yoyo 
#2 Bow clip
 #3 Ribbon braid bun
This is a cute easy hair-do from cute girls hairstyles.  The tutorial can be found here
It can be looped like this, or wrapped up like a bun if you have short hair.  It requires a long piece of ribbon for each Braid.
#4 Braided Crown/Carousel braid
If we want to get fancy with the Braiding we could do something with or without a clip like this

#5 Double French Braids
We could also try something like this with a big flower at the base of the braids.

What do you think?  Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be great.