Saturday, June 29, 2013


1 week and counting until the wedding!  The 3 dresses are complete :)

Our bride wants the girls to wear a ribbon in their hair, but I know that they will pull it out a few times during our wedding events.  So instead of  having to retie the bow constantly I thought I'd make some head bands that look like a ribbon tied in their hair.

We could do something like this with the ribbon sewn over a plastic headband  (the flat bow can stay, go, or be swapped out with something different.)

Or something like this that is just some ribbon with an elastic sewn to the ends

We can add a bow to the ribbon and it will look like this  

Or we could do a flower clip instead of the bow.
This one is not the same as the flower in the last post.  That one was made out of the fabric of the skirt and this one is made out of the ribbon.

Last but not least a ruffly headband like this.

If you have time, tell us what you think Heather.  (If you are way too busy with other pre-wedding stuff we will just bring 3 of everything so you don't have to think about it.)  We hear the Bridal shower is today.  Hope you have a great time, wish we were there.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wedding hair

I am done with 2 of the 3 dresses and before I send one of them off in the mail I thought I'd get some feedback on hair ideas so I could send some hair accessories with the dress.  This is the dress I'm sending off.  It's a bit short for Maggie, but will be perfect for the intended wearer.

The first 3 are quick and easy hair do's, the last 2 take more time and skill.

Here are 2 easy accessories to make.  the flower is just a fabric yoyo with a button covering up the raw edges and the bow can be explained here at the ribbon retreat

#1 Flower Yoyo 
#2 Bow clip
 #3 Ribbon braid bun
This is a cute easy hair-do from cute girls hairstyles.  The tutorial can be found here
It can be looped like this, or wrapped up like a bun if you have short hair.  It requires a long piece of ribbon for each Braid.
#4 Braided Crown/Carousel braid
If we want to get fancy with the Braiding we could do something with or without a clip like this

#5 Double French Braids
We could also try something like this with a big flower at the base of the braids.

What do you think?  Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be great.