Thursday, April 1, 2010

Neck Tie Headband:
I found this cute idea online at
Here's a shot of Maggie in the one I made for her. I caught her eating Gwen's lunch!

It is a cute fun project. Made with a button, elastic, some thread and an old necktie. (Sam wasn't around to ask if I could raid through his tie collection so I got one at the thrift store for $2.20)

It was so easy to do. I got 2 headbands and a hair clip out of the fabric from 1 neck tie.

The only thing I would change from the info on the link is that the headband is Very Slippery. I tried to put a thin line of hot glue across the underside for the headband to keep it in place. But it didn't work too well. I think my next attempt will be to put a velveteen ribbon or something.(The elastic is rough enough that it holds the bottom in place fairly well.)

Picture to come when Sam gets home.