Monday, June 15, 2015

So I've been doing A LOT of adjusting this past year, hence the lack of posting.  Moving to a new country, going from a huge house in the woods to a condo in the city, and finding out that you are expecting a surprise Baby takes an emotional toll on a person and invades any space in their head for executing anything creative.
But eventually I found my footing again, just in time to make this awesome quilt for the new baby.

And this cute little guy is a fairly big project in and of himself :)

I got my quilt inspiration from a book in our town's library back in Maine.  I wish I had the tittle, but somehow that information has been lost along the way.  Sorry

I had lots of friends help me with the quilting and they all wrote their names on the trim for me like I did for Toby's Quilt