Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The next home improvement project is...
a sump pump installation!

We have a lot of water under our house, we are just glad that it was discovered.  Installation doesn't seem too difficult, just messy and cramped.

Here is a great video I found on how to install it.
and how to dig the trenches in the crawl space

To buy all the things necessary to do the install on amazon it will be $244.26
Moeller Pump $132.15
Pump pit $62.25
Pit Lid $20.09
Check Valve $8.79
PVC cement $10.99
1.5" PVC male threaded adapter $9.99

If you have to buy Tools instead of borrow it will be an additional $103.61
2" Hole saw $8.97
Hack Saw $7,84
Shovel $37.80
wrench $9
drill $40

other expenses not yet accounted for
2" PVC pipe
Proliferated pipe