Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fitted Crib Sheet

I followed a tutorial I found here to make a fitted crib sheet.  We have some friends that gave us some boy baby bedding that is going to go great with Toby's new room.  But I knew that 1 fitted crib sheet was not going to be enough.  So I browsed my thrift stores for a sheet that I could use as fabric and found one for $2.  Then I got some elastic at the fabric store for $1.49.  So that, plus a little bit of my time, I now have an extra crib sheet for only $3.49.  Not bad if you ask me.  

I wanted to take a photo of the underside to show you that yes, it actually does fit and fit well.  When I attached the elastic to the first corner of the sheet I was seriously doubting if the tutorial was going to give me the results I wanted.  So the second corner I came up with my own system and made a casing out of bias tape and threaded the elastic through the casing.  When I compared the 2 corners, I realized the first one was just as good and stretchy.  So I stuck with the fast way that is shown in the tutorial for the remaining 2 corners.  So if you doubt like I did, continue on and trust in the system :)
 And just for fun, here is a shot of Toby's room so far.  It is still basically the office/guest room.  But I do have the rocking chair in there along with the new toy box/attoman and thick chair pad.  I'm hoping the new pad will make it more comfortable to nurse in.  Otherwise, I think the chair is finally going to be donated.
  In the past we have set up the crib and all the baby stuff before our helpers come to the house after baby's arrival, and I hate that I am always going into the guest room to get out the baby clothes and I'm sure they hate that between the crib and the airmatress they are sleeping on, there is no floor space left in the room.  So this time I'm going to make setting up the nursery part of my helper's job.  I hope my dad doesn't mind that little item on the to-do list for the last day of his visit :)
But I figured the baby stays in our room for the first 3 months anyway, so what's the point of setting the room up months ahead of time when it would be so much more comfortable for our guest without the crib.

Camo Diaper Bag

We had a very busy week, so today was a lay around the house kind of morning.  The girls were behaving better than usual and entertaining themselves, so I got something on my "getting ready for the baby" to-do list checked off my list.
I made a diaper bag by following this tutorial.  It was fairly good, but I was glad there were photos along with the words so I could try to interpret some of the steps that were a little confusing to me.

It ended up begin much smaller than I thought it would be, but I was able to make it completely out of scraps that I had laying around in my craft area :)  I think it will be a great bag for Daddy to use because it is actually made out of the official dessert Camouflage uniform fabric that they use on Daddy's uniform.  I had picked it up at Wallmart several years ago for $3 a yard.  (Don't ask me how Walmart got the same material as the military.) I think I might even make my way over to the Navy exchange the next time I'm on base and see if they have any Sea Bee patches that I could put on the front pocket.  

In my excitement I forgot to wash it before I took the photos, so there are a few red lines on it from when I was putting it together, but I will wash it and it will look great.  

When I was in my hooter hider making frenzy a few years ago I made a camo hooter hider out of this same fabric, so now I will have a matching set :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A few years ago I made a bunch of flower hair clips for the girls.  Slowly they have been getting lost and broken, so I thought I might make some more and looked back at my notes and links. One that was missing was for Kanzashi Flowers.
I had found this book, Kanzashi in Bloom, at the Library where we had been living at the time.  It had several very cool patterns and directions for folding fabric into flowers and project ideas for applying the finished flowers to.  I mostly just made them and used them for hair clips though.  The book was well written and easy to follow. Just wanted to document it so I didn't have to search for it again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I made my first neck tie onesie today:)  I think it is so cute, but there are a lot of puckers.  I obviously need to work on sewing with knits/stretchy fabric.

I a fusible webbing on the back of the tie, but I think if I make another one I need to use a double back fusible webbing so that I can iron it onto the shirts before I sew it into place and that might solve my problem.  If not, I might just sew it by hand instead of on the machine.

I used this tutorial and pattern found here, but I had to reduce the pattern to 70% it's original size to make it fit on to my tiny onesie.

I can't wait for this little guy to come, but something I've noticed it that there are not a lot of projects for boys.  Does anyone have any favorite baby boy projects?