Friday, February 7, 2014

Gwen & Toby's wardrobes (Maggie has everything she needs handed down from Gwen)

This is probably sort of strange to see bad pictures of my kids clothes, but I'm trying to create a small wardrobe for the next 2 years for my kids.  We are moving over seas and A LOT of the American women there have been telling me to buy before we go.  But I really like the idea of supporting the local economy and buying local.  So I feel like I should assemble a small wardrobe for my kids that I can build on with local goods.  
Here is a list of the things I already have collected from hand me downs, thrift stores and clearance racks.  I wanted to have all the info here so I can refer to it through the moving process.  Since we don't want to have too much extra stuff, i want to make sure to be searching for things that coordinate with what I've already got instead of collecting a bunch of great deals that don't match.

I'm going to try and continually update this list
Gwen Size 8
(Assuming we are accepted to the school we applied for, Gwen will be wearing a uniform to school every week-day, so she really doesn't need a ton of clothes anyway.)
I'd like Gwen to have some more
  • t-shirts
  • underpants
  • hoodies or light sweaters
  • very light and breathable rain jacket (May need to purchase after arriving overseas)

Gwen Size 10
I'd like Gwen to have some more
  • shorts (all the bottoms pictured here are skirts) 
  • underpants
  • Socks
  • Dresses

Gwen's shoes
Gwen is currently wearing a size 13.  In june I'd like to take her shopping for some size 1 shoes.
She will be needing at least 
  • 1 pair of sporty shoes to wear for Gym and other high energy activities. (they should be a size 1.)
  • 1 pair of sandals that fit her well for all the summer fun we will have before we arrive to our new home.

Toby's 2T summer clothes
He seems to have plenty now.  But if I find some deals on things I don't have I won't turn them away.
Toby could have some more:
  • t-shirts (he's got 3 dress shirts, 4 polos, but only 1 t-shirt)
  • Shorts (He has 1 pair of khaki's, 1 pair denim shorts and some swim trunks)
  • Short-alls (because I LOVE overalls :)
  • socks

 Toby's 2T fall/winter clothes
We will probably use these if Toby grows out of his 18 month clothes before the warm weather arrives this spring, or when we travel back to the states next year.  I don't feel the need to expand this wardrobe right now.  It's a great base and I'll add to it when the need arises with some more long sleeve shirts or sweat shirts.  

 Toby's 3T clothes
I think we are fairly well set.  He will probably need some underpants.  But we can order those when he's ready to be a big boy.

 Toby's Shoes
Right now Toby is in Size 5, but he has been wearing them for a long time and I can see they will be too small soon.  He will be having foot surgery in March, so when he is all healed in April we will probably take him out to get some size 6's.
He will need

  •  Some everyday play shoes that he can wear to the bus stop size 6
  • Another pair that he can wear to church on sundays. Size 6
  • Some dressy size 7 shoes if I can find a deal.  Otherwise, just wait to see what is available locally.

 The shoes in between the 7 & 8 are size 7 1/2
I also have some size 9 sandals that are in one of the size 3T pics

Things for me to remember:

  • Come back and update with 
    • Maggie's shoes
    • Coats/jackets for Gwen & Maggie
    • Gwen's size 10 clothes
  • I've been thinking about shipping some boxes of heavy winter coats to my mom's house so we don't have to take them overseas, yet we will still have them available to us when we come for visits.
  • Any stores that ship to APO boxes can send stuff to me while I am overseas at regular US Shipping rates.  Most of the time stores will ship any item that is not to large to APO addresses.  The stores I've heard ship to APO addresses are:
    • Amazon
    • Target