Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bathroom tile project continued

Demolition is done and it was as fun as I thought it would be :) 

All the kids were great helpers, happily participating in the trim removal and answering my questions about why they thought we did this/that.  But Maggie was the one with the most staying power, pulling out all 91 staples from the subfloor and Toby was her assistant making sure each staple was put into a bowl out of Danny's reach.
I got an email a few days ago that specified the amount we were going to receive from the insurance company to instal the new floor in the bathroom.  $949.20 would come out of the grand total for us to spend on installing a new tile floor in the bathroom instead of having the flooring guys install the wood they are laying in the kitchen/entry all the way into the bathroom.  so I wanted to keep a running total of how much I am spending to see if doing the tile myself is worth it.  (I'm having fun, so I won't regret doing it even if I don't save any money :)

$6.93 mesh tape to connect pieces of backer board
$7.87 latex primer sealer
$5.97 chalk line kit
$2.56 paint roller cover for applying the latex primer
$2.98 16d nails for spacing

$16.99 Self Leveling underlayment (25 lb bag)

LOWES $91.50
$19.98 Compound nippers
$59.60 Romano tiles (20 count)
$11.92 Romano Tiles (4 count)

AMAZON $30.19
$7.50 carbide scoring knife
$6.09 painter tool for trim removal
$4.98 caulk remover
$11.62 caulk gun

Total as of 10/15 is $164.99 + tax (10%) =$181.49

I've been given/borrowed some materials (thinnest, tile saw, carpenters level, float, sponge, bucket, mortar mixing attachment, trowel, backer board...) and still have some more items to purchase ( a few more tiles, 1 panel of backer board, screws and grout)  But I think it looks like we will come out ahead :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

tiling the powder room

We are tiling our powder room this month.

Today I kicked it off with removing the sink and toilet.
Tomorrow I will be removing the baseboards and old wood flooring.
Thursday night I hope to do the backerboard, but we are still deciding on a tile pattern, so we might have a little pause in the project while we figure that part out.

Here are the videos we are using to guide us along the way from home depot:

How to remove the pedestal sink

How to remove the toilet

How to remove the trim

I'm SUPER excited.  I love projects, especially when I can walk away from them to attend to life, then jump right back in when I've got spare time.  This bathroom is the powder room downstairs, so no one NEEDS to use it, and I can close the door to contain my mess every night so the kids will lead it alone during the day.  And it is so small, that if I totally mess it up, we can get some one to come do it.  But I'm not going to mess up :)  I ope it goes so well that Sam asks me to tile the 2 bathrooms with vinyl floors.