Tuesday, October 11, 2016

tiling the powder room

We are tiling our powder room this month.

Today I kicked it off with removing the sink and toilet.
Tomorrow I will be removing the baseboards and old wood flooring.
Thursday night I hope to do the backerboard, but we are still deciding on a tile pattern, so we might have a little pause in the project while we figure that part out.

Here are the videos we are using to guide us along the way from home depot:

How to remove the pedestal sink

How to remove the toilet

How to remove the trim

I'm SUPER excited.  I love projects, especially when I can walk away from them to attend to life, then jump right back in when I've got spare time.  This bathroom is the powder room downstairs, so no one NEEDS to use it, and I can close the door to contain my mess every night so the kids will lead it alone during the day.  And it is so small, that if I totally mess it up, we can get some one to come do it.  But I'm not going to mess up :)  I ope it goes so well that Sam asks me to tile the 2 bathrooms with vinyl floors.

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