Friday, March 4, 2016

family pictures
Every time I plan family pictures I always get a little anxious.  The idea of trying to do my make up, style my limp hair, tame my eldest's curly hair, get a flattering outfit to coordinate with the rest of the family, and hope that we all look happy is enough to make me want to hide and cry.  But my kids are so darn cute and my Hubby is handsome, so I try to not spoil the photo op with my anxiety attack.
We are doing family photos next month because our youngest is 9 months and we still don't have any professional photos of him.  (sorry, you are my 4th and we live in a foreign country.  But you're a boy, so you probably won't care anyway.)  

I normally freak out a few days before the shoot and buy every hair product in the drug store that I think will make my hair look 10 times thicker than it is, and a bunch of new make up that will make me look more like a model and less like myself.
I am going to try really hard not to do that this time.  Instead I have found some helpful info to help me feel more confident in my own skin and prepared for our big day.

advice for dressing pear shaped Women

Necklace shapes for a variety of necklines-This sheet makes me think that with all the high necks I wear as a Mormon, I should probably do some shopping for some long necklaces.  I don't have many.

tips on dressing a family for portraits

tips for make up in photographs

I can do this,
we don't have to go to the department store and all buy new clothes,
I don't need to buy every product on the shelf,
and the best thing I can do is go to the shoot relaxed and ready to play with the kids instead of being anxious.

I will repeat these things to myself many times over the next month.

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  1. Yay for family pictures!! We have recently given up on coordinating outfits...we are all so different, someone always ends up looking awkward because the top/etc is not their style. So I wore a shinny, crinkled burnt orange skirt with a blue stretchy shirt that is a perfect color for me, Ginny wore a leopard print dress, Addie was in a ruffly muted pink shirt (and cream and grey leggings), T.J. wore a golden yellow t-shirt, Ian a light great collared shirt, Andy a muted olive green collared shirt, and Trev wore ... shoot- I can't remember right now. HA. BUT the point is, everyone wore colors/styles of clothes that were perfect for them. We were comfortable and confident, which really made for a great picture. It's my favorite family picture to date.

    So my advice would be to find something that makes each person feel good and not worry about how it will all look.