Thursday, April 30, 2009

I made this Quilt with my Mom when she came out to visit in February 2009. We spent a LONG time in the fabric department trying to figure out just the right fabric combination. The blocks are appliqued flower/leaf wreaths. I tied the center of each flower and the outer corner of the stripes. I;m not sure if that was enough ties, I suppose time will tell.
We got the pattern titled "Rainbow Wreath" for free from this website.
Other than improvising with some of the required materials that we didn't have, The only real change we made was to edge the quilt with prairie corners. Also, the pattern says to use a permanent pen to trace the flower and leaf stencils and I would suggest using a washable pen simply because the permanent ink can still be seen on some small areas of the quilt.

Thanks Mom for helping me on this, I think if I did it on my own it would be 1/2 way done and in the top of the laundry closet.

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  1. It turned out so pretty! Can't wait to have you help me with Andrew's! :)