Friday, October 16, 2009

Navy Ball Hair:
Here are some pictures and directions for how I did my hair for the navy ball.
These are the special tools I used The green container is some very sticky goo I use to smooth things out, and control fly aways.

  1. make a part. I prefer for it to be off to the side. I take the part from my hair line to about 2 inches in at an angle. I think this makes a good chunky bang.
  2. I keep the bangs out of the way while I put the rest of my hair into a fairly high ponytail.
  3. Smooth the bangs back. I use flip clips to keep them in place and then remove them latter when it is closer to the time of the event. I normally put one clip in above my ear because that is where I am turning the direction of the hair. Then sometimes I put one more wherever it is needed to help keep a smooth curve.
  4. If the hair is long enough to reach the ponytail, use a second ponytail holder to secure the ends of the bangs. this will make the ponytail stay extremely well.
  5. I take small chunks of hair and wrap them around my curler, starting with the ends of the hair and rolling towards the roots. (This can be done around any round item that is the desired circumference.) Don't roll too tightly because now you need to pull the curler out of the hair. Carefully bobby pin the curled hair into place, positioning in front of the ponytail holder.
  6. Repeat with all of the hair that is in your ponytail.
  7. My hair is so thin that I don't have enough to go all the way around the ponytail holder, so I just cover the top and put fresh flowers on the bottom. You could use anything.
I cut the stems of the flowers to be about an inch or two. Making sure that they are not longer than the pedals. Then I use two bobby pins per flower and place them in an X over the stem.

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  1. Too, too cute!! Pomade (however you spell that!) is awesome!!