Friday, December 18, 2009

How to get settled into a new home

Like the moving timeline, this is a work in progress, I'm going to put down my plan, change it as needed, and hopefully life will be easier the next time we move.

A month or so before your move you should go to the area, meet the people at church and make some choices about if you want to live on base or not.

Once you have your moving dates set, call a friend at the new base or someone you met at church and ask them to watch the kids for you while the movers are unloading the moving truck.

If moving into on base housing from on base housing at your previous station, you must be out of your old house before you can get on the waiting list for a new house. Even if there is no one on the waiting list, it will take the housing office 2 days to process the paper work so you will be homeless and living out of a hotel for at least 2 days. Make sure you have your Field kit.

On the move in day
  • Do a walk through of the house with the housing office and sign all the paperwork (This might get done the day before the movers come.)
  • Take the girls to the sitters
  • Before the movers come, make sure to put soap/hand sanitizer and toilet paper in the bathrooms.
  • Movers arrive
  • Order pizza and soda for the movers as a tip
  • Pick up the girls from the sitter after the movers go home.
  • If the movers didn't assemble the beds, assemble temporary beds to sleep on for the night. If the movers did set up the beds, get bedding out of Field kit.
  • After the kids are asleep the first thing for me to do is set up the Kitchen
  • then finish the bathrooms if you are not too tired.

The day after move in

  • Set up the kids bedrooms and make sure their toys are accessible.
  • Set up our bedroom so Sam can get ready for Work in the mornings.

The 3rd day

  • Set up the living room
  • hook up the electronics
  • Go grocery shopping

the 4th day

  • Take care of the remaining items as needed.

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