Sunday, June 12, 2011

Polk a Dot dresses

I decided to get some family photos done last month. I knew I wanted my husband to wear his uniform, but I didn't know what I wanted my girls to wear. Luckily my Mom had given me some cute blue fabric with bold white polk-a-dots on it. So I pulled out some patterns and made some dresses for my girls. I used Newlook 6473 to make the dresses and I wanted them to have a sleeve on them, so I used the cap sleeve on Newlook 6448. And I added a bow to tie around the waist.

They turned out great, as you can see...

I measured the girls and the dresses fit. But I forgot to check the length on Gwen's and it was a little too short. (It looked fine for the photos, but she won't be able to wear it for very long.) Also, my machine is still broken, so this was another by hand project. It went fine, but I am really ready to stop doing everything by hand. I like to do some things that way, but not everything.

Also I was so tired of the project that I did a really sloppy job on the buttons so I could get done faster. I used those clear plastic rubber bands for hair as button holes. It did the job, but I think it would have been better if I had just done it right.

Another funny thing about making do in a bind is that this photographer lives near our old base, so we scheduled the photo shoot for a time when we were there for the weekend. Sadly I forgot some of the things I needed for the project and the material I used for the tie around the waist is actually material from a pillowcase I stole from the hotel. I guess I should call them and make sure they charged the missing pillowcase to my room. :)


  1. Wow, wow, WOW! I guess I should just assume from now on that whenever I see your girls wearing cute dresses, you made them. I saw those dresses in the pictures and I thought, "where did she get such cute matching dresses???" Well, now I know. Great job, Bri. And I doubled over laughing when I read the bit about the pillow case bows ;) Good memories.

  2. How awesome are you Bri?! I aspire to someday make my daughter some dresses as cute as yours, but by hand?! Wow! I laughed out loud (Trevor came in to see what was going on!) when I read your bit about the pillowcase! Too funny!! And what if Gwen put leggings under the dress?

  3. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE these dresses! They are so awesome and I am still so blown away that you passed them on. Its nice, though, that when anyone at church comments on how cute they are, I get to say, "they were made by Bri Lee!" Everyone oos and aws. Its like you are a famous fasionista around here or something.