Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Food Storage Soup

Our church group has a blog and about once a month I am a guest writer on it.  it is fun and there is a schedule.  Mondays we share a recipe, Wednesdays we just write about whatever is on our minds/an insightful quote and Fridays we spotlight a sister from the ward.

Last week I posted and thought I would re-post my recipe here

During the storm we used everything we could from the fridge at dinner to try and keep the food from spoiling.  But I’ve been wanting to try and make some dinner from my food storage.  If the power went out for more than a day, I’d need to have that skill.  So last night I found this crockpot sausage and potato recipe and gave it a try.  I adapted it to use with my food storage.  Here is what I came up with

Sausage & Hash Brown Soup
2 cups Freeze-dried pork sausage crumbles
2 cups dehydrated hash brown potatoes
1/4 cup dehydrated onions
1/2 tsp celery seed
15 baby carrots chopped (or 1 cup dehydrated or freeze-dried carrots)
7 cups of chicken broth (or 7 cups of water with bouillon according to package direction)

I just tossed all of the stuff into the crock pot and let it simmer on low for the whole afternoon.
The recipe suggested serving the soup with Cheddar cheese, salt, pepper or milk (You could use dry milk, or evaporated milk)
We liked it just the way it was and loved the idea of having a pot of soup cooking on the stove all afternoon in the event that the power goes out because it could help to keep the house warm.
So try out the soup and add it to the wonderful food storage recipes we got at our mid week activity a few months ago.  Thank you to our wonderful Relief Society presidency for making that activity happen.  I’m feeling more self reliant already :)

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