Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lots of little things

As we have been getting ready for our move I have been doing a lot of projects

  • Zipper pouches to keep things in our suitcases organized (we'll be living out of our suitcases for 3 months, so they need to be REALLY organized!)  Here is a tutorial I re-watch every time I have to make one.  (I just loving listening to Debbie Shore on youtube.)
    • Wish I had time to make them super cute like these. Oh well maybe next time.


  • Sewing modesty panels in lots of my deep v-shirts(I won't want to wear a cami under them in the humidity I will be living in for the next 2 years.
    • I just find a scrap of fabric, hem the top and string a skinny piece of elastic trough.  (if it is bunchy instead of flat the fit is normally better)  Pin and sew into place.
  • Some things look better with a flat panel, but it takes SO long to sew in a flat panel that looks perfectly lined up and like it was original to the garment, so I'd rather Sew modesty panels that I can switch from one shirt to another.  I think they give a little more dimension, and they don't get saggy and show cleavage or Boob when you bend over.

  • My Hubby's uniform patches for his new uniforms


  • yard work (I think I've been doing at least an hour a day for the last 2 months.)
  • donations to the thrift store and friends
  • Eating all the stuff in the freezer and pantry that we have been avoiding but are too thrifty to just toss out.
  • Organizing my sewing area, SUCH a big project.  What to store, what to get rid of, what to take with me...

Luckily our Health Clearances went through this past week so we are officially authorized to go.  (can you imagine not knowing until a month before an overseas move if you are actually going or not!!!)  Hope to get our flight details soon so we can start making more plans

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