Sunday, July 16, 2017

We have our garden started in the planter and there are a few sprouts coming up!  
Here are our Brussels Sprouts and Corn Stalk
 I'm so excited!
I've always wanted a garden of my own, but I decided to make it small so the weeds don't make me want to cry constantly.

Once we had the first round of seed in the ground, we began installing the permanent fencing to keep Danny and maybe some day a small dog in the back yard without escaping.  We will put it all along the top of the retaining wall to keep people from falling, then along the wetland barrier at the back.

And as I work on the fence, I keep looking around the yard and wonder what fun details we can add to make it an even more awesome space for kids.

We already have a fire pit, playhouse, comfortable sitting area, and sandbox.  I think that is pretty awesome, so we don't need big statement details.  Just small details that will give it a real children's garden vibe that I could incorporate into some of the areas we are still working on finishing off.

 Tick Tack Toe Table or pavers


 Fairy/Gnome garden
(can't remember site for first fairy garden, but its not mine, V

Match box car race tracks

  totally cool nest!

Whimsical Signs

Living Willow structures

there is a space where the planter and the steps meet.  An in ground slide would be neat there.

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