Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here is another hair do:
I knew it would take some bobby pins, so I did it on Saturday so Gwen could take it out if she wanted to and I wouldn't get mad. I need to dig through my hair things and find some of my cute clips since there is one clip that is visible for the hair that swoops from the front to the side.

Styling tips for me:
To do this I parted the hair at the front first making the "bang" swoop. I clipped that down so it would dry smooth instead of curly. Then I made a part from one ear to the other ear and clipped it down. To do the braid I had Gwen get down on her hands and knees and I gave her some books to look at. Next time I think I would just pull out the portable DVD player and let her watch a movie because she was still moving a bit to turn the pages of her books. Once I reached the end of the braid I ponytailed it with the hair I clipped earlier. I wrapped some of the longer hairs around the ponytail base and then bobby pined the rest of the curls in place. Finally I positioned the bang swoop and clipped it into position.

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  1. I love the last picture of Gwen...She looks like a model!! I was thinking about your hair styles this past week as I was doing my nieces hair in Sacramento. Should've gotten onto your blog to read your directions! :)