Sunday, August 16, 2009

French Crown:
On Sundays we don't have church until 1, so I normally have plenty of time to give the girls a bath and do Gwen's hair. Sometimes I like to experiment with Gwen's hair, Today I came up with this updo. I thought it was cool and realized that it looked very appropriate for a flower girl for a wedding. (Hint hint to Uncles and Aunts, we are ready when you are ;) So I thought I would post it and offer up my hair styling skills to anyone who is interested. Right now I am not interested in making money off of it, I just enjoy doing it and would love to help.

I let Gwen watch an episode of Diego while I did it and the show was over about 10 minutes before I finished her hair. So it probably took me about 30 minutes to do the whole thing. But I would say that if I was doing this for someone the appointment would need to be a full hour, because I like to work with the hair when it is wet, so we'd have to wash the hair, style it and then if the hair is not curly like Gwen's, we'd need to curl it.
Styling notes:
I separated the hair into 5 sections. one long one across the top, one across the side and two across the bottom, leaving the fifth section in the middle. I clipped each section loosely with some crappy barrettes so I barely had to touch them to pull the Barrette out. (I didn't want them to be too tight because I needed to keep one hand on the braid at all times meaning I needed to remove the barrettes with only one hand.) I also did not completely braid the last section because it would have made the curly part off center, instead I french braided it only until I reached the center of the head and then I pony tailed it.


  1. My mom did things like this on my hair every school day until I was 13 years old. It was awesome to always look so pretty but I was always the one recieving it instead of the one doing it. Thus I have three girls and no idea what to do with their hair LOL! Gwen's hair looks absolutely beautiful.

  2. Fantastic Bri! Whenever we have girls, where ever you guys are, I'll come to you and you can teach me!! She looked adorable at church today!

  3. That looks freakin' awesome. I just don't get how you do it. How are you SO capable at this, and I am so inept? It's not like mom taught you how to do girls hair.

  4. Actually, Mom did teach me how to french braid. She just told me the basics of pulling hair into the main braid one peice at a time. And I think either she or Siri told me the basics of a fish tail braid. But none of you were very excited at the idea of a 10 year old pulling on your hair, so I just practiced on our old barbies a lot until I started Gymnastics. Then I taught myself our to braid my own hair. Once other gymnasts saw my hair they asked me to do theirs. With all that practice I was able to master it.