Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Garden/ more cooking trouble

In the spring I had the idea to plant a little garden that would give the girls and I something to do and hopefully teach us some gardening skills so, someday, when the navy is not moving us all over creation we can plant a big garden in a yard of our own.
We planted some sunflowers, pumpkins, and corn. They all seem to be doing well. In fact, I found a pumpkin plant growing next to the garbage can! I guess one of the seeds we through out didn't quite make it in. Despite Dad mowing over it and no care from us it has a blossom on it. We are excited to see what will happen with our plants.
For my birthday my mom gave me a cake decorating book. So yesterday I spent all afternoon and evening working on these petit fours. The cake turned out just fine. It cut up nicely, but The frosting recipe turned out badly. No matter how many times I poured it over the fours it just left this sad thin coating over them. Sam was nice and said they were good, but I thought they were just gross and soggy. I think next time I will either make a real ganache to pour over it, or use my regular frosting recipe.

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