Sunday, July 12, 2009

Solar Oven:

Today I tried to make brownies in a solar/reflector oven. It didn't quite work out. In fact, it was a complete failure. I got the directions for making the oven in a kid's book called cooking in a can. And I used a recipe from another book. I was SO disappointed, I put some brownies in at 11am and when we got home after church at 4, they were still basically batter. I think we will need to build a fireside reflector oven if we try this again. (I have some directions for one of those in another book.)


  1. I'm so sorry it didn't work! How disappointing to not have gotten brownies when you got home from church! :(

  2. I'm sorry but that just makes me laugh. A solar oven that uses tin foil... that sounds just as effective as your chicken trap! :D