Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here is the cook book from my last post. I decided that I would do a review of the items that I try. Normally I just post the recipes that I like so I have an online recipe box, but decided that the publisher probably wouldn't appreciate me publishing all their recipes, especially if I post them exactly as seen in the book without making any changes.

Recipes we liked:

Applesauce with crispy scoops- these are the cinnamon sugar chips we made yesterday. We LOVED Them!!!

  • Crispy cheese chips-I liked these, Gwen said she liked the cinnamon sugar chips best. I think I will try the cheese mixture on french bread also.
  • Honey Crusted Chicken- We all liked these, but I wished I could have tasted more of the flavor. I think next time I make it I will let the meat marinade in the sauce overnight or something so the flavor will come out a little stronger. Also, I forgot to cut the chicken breasts in 1/2, so I had to cook it longer. (Thank goodness for meat thermometer :)
  • Parmesan Potato Coins-Sam liked these, Gwen did not, and I thought they needed some more flavor. I think next time I will buy an Italian seasoning blend instead of making my own, and I will add some garlic. If that does not improve them enough then they are getting bumped to my don't make again list. But the things we liked about them was that they were cooked just right. Not too soft or too hard and the leftovers could easily be put into a new dinner.

Recipes that we decided we wouldn't make again:

  • Morning Glory Muffins-they were not yummy enough to make the work of shredding the carrots worth while. But if you are desperate for your kids to eat veggies, this might be a good one to try. Gwen said she liked them and thought they were cupcakes.


  1. You could always try your blender for the carrots! That's what I do when the recipe calls for anything to be shredded or diced. :)

  2. Then I have to clean the blender. Still too much work :) I'm willing to put forth that effort for other recipes I have that are good, but not for those muffins.