Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today I made a shirt out of Kwik Sew Pattern # 3179. It went together VERY quickly!!! I cut the paper pattern out before Maggie nap and I was able to cut the fabric, and sew the whole garment before she woke up!!!

  • It is baggy around the arms, (That seems to be the intended style.)

  • But the waistline fits beautifully and shows off your shape.

  • The neckline is not too low and an underpinning is not needed, even when you bend over.

  • It is a little short waisted. I think it will work well with a highwaisted skirt, a coverup for a dress. Or length could be added with a flounce or ruffled trim around the bottom.

What I did differently/would do differently next time.

  • I didn't like the baggy short sleeves, so I gave them the same elastic treatment I did with the dress I posted about a few days ago.

  • I had some trouble turning under the curve on the hem around the neckline. Next time I will need to either use bias tape or make sure to stop stitching about a quarter of an inch from the end of the fabric at the shoulder seems.

Another little bit of pattern info I thought I would share is this website.

I found it very helpful in choosing this pattern. I look forward to researching my future pattern purchases here.

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