Monday, July 19, 2010

camping books

Last year I took the teenage girls at church out camping for a week. Luckily I am not in charge of that this year (I twas SO fun, but lots of work) However, we are going to go camping with my parent's, siblings and nephews in august and realized that there were some books I wanted to post about so I didn't forget how wonderful they were.
this first one is the BEST book about dutch Oven cooking that I found. (And I got A LOT from the library to figure out how to feed those girls.) The thing that I liked about it the most was that each recipe not only said how many briquettes needed to be used, but it broke it down to how many needed to be on the top and how many needed to be on the bottom, so I didn't have to figure out the separation in my head. I also really like the informational section.

The roughing it easy Series was also a good read. Dian Thomas has several books about camping, backyard entertaining and recipes for outdoor cooking. they are worth checking out.

Finally, the other book in the gazillion I searched though was Cooking for Crowds for dummies. It had a one or two great charts that helped you decide how much food you will need depending on the number of guests you have.

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  1. Cool! I'll keep them in mind for when I am at girls camp... lol
    And great idea with the table cloth! ingenious!