Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Barbie clothes

It's been SO long since I've finished a project. I've been doing lots of embroidery since the summer, but after I finished the embroidery I didn't make them into the blankets, so I'll hold off on posting those until they are done and have a home. But here is my most recent finished project.
My Mom gave a barbie for a giving tree gift this year and I helped her to make some barbie clothes to go with it. I would not recommend any of the patterns that I used because I ended up making changes to them, or not liking how they were un-altered.

But since my girls have gotten several barbies as gifts and are getting old enough to put clothes on them, I think I am going to try and make some more clothes for them, If anyone finds some free barbie clothing patterns on line let me know. I've got TONS of scraps of fabric that would be great for barbie clothes.

Here are some of the patterns I found and hope to try soon
Dress tutorials for many movie characters found through all crafts
Belle styled ball gown by Craftiness is not optional on U create
Cap sleeve shirt on craftiness is not optional
Froufy skirt on Craftiness is not optional
Knit top on craftiness is not optional (This one is a lot like the one I tried but it looks like it fits the barbie MUCH better)
Socks in to knit barbie clothes found through all crafts
Evening gown with train on Miss B Couture
PJ's on Miss B Couture
Crochet wedding dress and bridesmaid dress on do fun
Knit valentine dress found through all crafts
Miniature printable patterns like pizza boxes and other accessories for a barbie house.


  1. I used to make doll clothes for a friend but I always made the patterns from scratch. I didn't even think to look online for ideas but now I realize Duh!
    The dress you made is awesome! I love her cloak ;)

  2. WOW! I can't even seem to make real people's clothes turn out as great as you made those barbies clothes!!