Friday, December 24, 2010

Pretend Eye Shadow and Lip Stick Toys

Last minute stocking stuffers from Santa.

This year Santa made a pretend make up set for my oldest because everything Santa found on-line or in stores was real make up and I told Santa I didn't want to deal with the mess of real make-up with a 4 year old. Here's how Santa did it
Pretend Eye shadow

Items needed
  • Eye make-up compact
  • nail polish (as many colors as sections in the eye shadow compact)
  • skewer
  1. Use the skewer or something pointed to empty all the eye Shadow out of the compact.
  2. Open the nail polish and pour it into the empty sections in the compact. Use a different color of nail polish for each section.
  3. Let it dry in a safe place over night. If there are any bumps on the bottom of the compartments they will show when the polish dries. but I didn't think that was a big deal.

Pretend Lip Stick

Items needed

  • A skewer
  • A Q-Tip or Toilet Paper
  • A stick of lipstick
  • A cutting tool for the dowel
  • A sanding tool for the dowel (A file, sand paper...)
  • Short wooden dowel (a little bit smaller diameter than the stick of lipstick.
  • Nail Polish
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • A foam block or something to stick the dowel in to allow it to dry


  1. Empty all the lipstick out of your lipstick tube with the skewer and clean up any remaining lip stick from the walls of the tube with a Q-Tip or tissue paper.
  2. Cut your wooden dowel to be approximately the size of your lipstick tube when the lid is on
  3. Sand down one of the tips at about a 45 degree angle to make it look like a new stick of lip stick. Soften the edges with the sanding tool
  4. Paint the pointed end of the dowel with the nail polish. Allow to dry in the foam block and do a second coat. Allow to dry in the foam block completely. (Photo is of the dowel painted with only 1 coat.)
  5. Place in empty lipstick tube and determine how much needs to be cut off the bottom for the lipstick to fit with the lid on. Cut off the extra inches of the dowel.
  6. make sure that the lipstick container is turned all the way down to it's lowest position. Put hot glue on the bottom and all around the sides of the base. (Not too much because you don't want it to squeeze out the top.) Quickly put the dowel into the tube and let the glue set with the dowel pointing as straight as possible.
  7. Make sure that the lid fits and the lipstick moves up and down freely.

I think the great thing about this project is that you probably all ready have most, if not all, of the items in your home or something that can substitute them. So it's sort of a free project.

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  1. Awesome Bri!!! What a great idea! I'll have to tuck that one away for the next few years!