Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cookies and winter Hat

I made some new cookies this week for one of the girls little friends. It was her birthday and she and her sister have been asking their Mom for Strawberries all month, so I made some for her :)

To make the strawberry I used a fairy want cookie cutter and a heart cookie cutter. There is a tutorial here on how to combine cookie cutters to make a new shape of cookie.

This pattern is one I used to make Maggie's Winter Hat. She desperately wanted an adorable dress coat at Macy's for her birthday. She was so cute in it that I wanted it too. but it was expensive enough that I felt it was a bit wasteful when she did not NEED another coat. Well, I found a similar coat at the thrift store for $3, I think it was even the same brand as the coat at Macy's. Then I came home and recycled 2 old sweaters into a hat to match my thrift store find.
The pattern was fine, but Maggie's not a baby anymore so her head was a little big. I had to use the largest size and the smallest seam allowance I could. The sweaters that were reincarnated into the hat were a beige fleece sweater and a pink knit sweater I had tried to felt a few years ago.
The whole thing is cute, inexpensive and warm.
I also found a dress coat for Gwen, but I've been doing so many projects, I think I will wait a month or so before I begin a hat For Gwen.

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  1. SO cute!! I love your cookies Bri!! And doesn't she look adorable?!