Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is here!!!

I don't think I have EVER been the type of person to have a favorite season, until now. Our first New England winter might not have had a ton of snow fall, but the temperatures were sure cold for a long long time. But in the last week, we have had 3 days that made it to 70 degrees :) It's amazing to see not just plants come to life but people too. I seem SO much happier being able to go outside and not freeze and to be able to let my kids out to play again is such a blessing.
So to welcome the first day of Spring, my project today was to plant these cute tulip bulbs along our front walk. I thought the front walk was cute when all the snow melted away, but now I think it's even better :) I can't wait for the petals to pop out!

And here are my 2 best water girls. They helped so I saved 2 bulbs for them to plant near our swing so they can see them change each day while we wait for the bus.
I got the tulips at Walmart 3 to a pot and they were REALLY pot bound. I had to tear the poor things apart, so I hope the roots that survived will give them a good start. I've never felt like I had a green thumb, but I'd love if these turned out.

I hope that spring is quick to come for everyone.

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  1. Yay! I think the flowers will look so good there! And yay for Spring! I think I took for granted all those warm days last week...I'm missing them now as our temps have fallen again (although the weather people say it's still warmer than normal...).