Saturday, April 14, 2012

1 step forward, 2 steps back

So I posted a while ago that I was excited about the tulips that I planted, they are still doing great. (Aside from the 2 that were eaten by animals and the 1 that was broken in half. I'm not sure if that was done by a child or animal...)I've been so excited about planting because after our long winter I am just SO tired of seeing the ugly bare branches everywhere. so with the success of my tulips I decided to buy some beautiful blue hydrangeas that were at the grocery store. I got 3 of them and kept them in the pots, but put them where I intended to plant them for a few days to see how they would do and they looked like this...
They seemed fine, so I went ahead and planted them. The next day I saw them and they were DEAD!!! Like this...
I was so frustrated and I just kept thinking about what a horrible gardener I am. I called my Mom who said that night there must have been a frost that killed the flowers and leaves, but that the roots should still be good, so I should leave them there and next year they might bloom again. LEAVE THE UGLY DEAD PLANTS IN THE SAME SPOT WHERE I SEE THEM EVERYDAY FOR A YEAR? Ug, talk about a daily reminder that I have a brown thumb.
I guess this is my 'I can't be good at everything' post.
Better luck next time

But on a brighter note, there are a few things in the yard that have been sprouting on their own. The Strawberry and blueberry bushes look good and the butterfly bush looks like it will be pretty again in the summer. But there are some things I can't identify, I call them my mystery plants. These I think will be flowers, but I have no idea what kind

And about a hundred of these have popped up all up and down the driveway. At first I thought they might be tulips, but now I am wondering if they are trees growing from all the acorns that came down in the fall. If they are trees I will have to go and pick all of them, but if they are not, I will be so excited to have flowers growing along the driveway.
What do you think my mystery plants are?


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