Sunday, August 19, 2012

Garden's bounty & Summer Nightgown

I've posted in the past about my gardening failures and how I have a brown thumb.  Most of my gardening efforts since my last post have proved to fall far from what I had hoped.  So I guess that most of my gardening efforts can be categorized more in the exercise category because weeding and planting often makes me sweat and occasionally I'm sore the next morning.

So for Christmas my wonderful Mother-in-law got me a special planter that is supposed to be fool proof.  (It is self-watering and called an Earth box.  Check it out if you are as poor a gardener as I am.)  I thought carefully about what I should plant in it, something easy to grow, I went with beans.  Today we finally picked them...

...washed and cut them...

...and ate them for dinner :)
(I was hoping to can them, but we barely had enough to satisfy 4 people.) 

 Another thing I wanted to share today was this nightgown pattern.  

I can't remember if I have ever posted it before.  My girls LOVE this night gown.  They have these matching ones and then I let them both choose a second fabric from my collection and I made them each a second nightgown from the fabric they picked.

I think that what they love the most about them is that they are

  1.  Cute
  2. Made of breathable cotton fabric
  3. The gathered part at the top is an elastic casing so it is supper easy for them to pull the nightgowns on and off.
HERE-are the instructions
HERE-is the arm hole pattern piece
HERE-are the dimensions for the fabric needed

I keep wanting to make some more with the rest of my extra fabric but I have run out of bias tape and need to buy or make some more so that I can donate some dresses to the website.  But when I finally make them you can be sure I'll post about it again.  Also, I am thinking that I should make a sleeve pattern to go with the dress because my girls want to wear these nightgowns as dresses around town, but I'm a stickler on modesty, so I always make them change.  I think I might try to combine this pattern with the flutter sleeve top I just posted about.  If I come up with something that looks good, I'll share it and make a tutorial on it if I can find the time.
-Busy Bri

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