Monday, March 22, 2010

Hair Bow/Flower Crazy:
To survive life while Sam is so busy with work I have been making a TON of hair accessories for Girls. It's been fun to have something to do. I added a bunch of links on the sidebar for flowers and other hair things. Posted here are the ones I'm excited to try/ have tried

Low profile bow-

several different types of bows-

Big Ribbon Flower-

Felted Yo yo flower, 1 layer big ribbon flower, butterfly, 2 layer big ribbon flower, 1 layer ribbon flower.

Bug clips-

Korker Ribbon-

silk flower clips-

(This one shows putting the flower directly on the headband, but I just sewed the pedals to themselves and used a little hot glue on the bottom of the first pedal to make sure the thread didn't tear through the flower. When I was done I glued it to a clip)

Hair clip holder:

I found a wooden decal at walmart, taped in a "hair Clip" label I printed out on the computer and hot glued a ribbon to dangle down from the wood. Loop a small ribbon and hot glue it on top so you can hook it onto something. Then just clip all your hair things into the long ribbon.

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  1. Bri! So cute! Thanks for posting all the links! :)