Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cinamon sugar muffins

Double success!!

This week I tried 2 new things and am SO proud of myself :)
I've never been too good with Muffins. I normally feel like the sides are over cooked or I pull them out too early and they are undercooked. After trying this recipe I'd decided that perhaps my previous problems had more to do with my old recipe than to do with my cooking abilities ;)

French Breakfast puffs-

The kids LOVED these. The batch made 12 muffins and I had to snatch one away to save for Sam. Before Sam woke up Gwen asked me to make another batch. I look forward to playing with the recipe and adding things to them/ coming up with different toppings.

My other success was in knitting. I've been trying to knit/crochet for the last 10 years and have never really felt like I had much success. every once in a while I would try a new project and either not finish it, or decide that it had enough mistakes when it was finished that I was not willing to give it away to anyone or use it myself.

But this week I saw a bunch of knitting projects that my friend Aimee made and they were so cute I decided to give knitting another try. I got a pattern from some of the links she posted and about 3 days latter I had this hat.

it is the "Supper Simple Baby Hat"

I did make a few mistakes, but not major ones, and when the hat was done I was excited to try a new pattern with some new stitches to learn. Thank you Aimee for the lessons/girls night outs that we did so I could watch/learn from you. I really thought knitting and crocheting was just not my thing. But apparently practice does make perfect. Or at least near perfect :)


  1. Yay Bri!! I'm so proud of you!! It looks great!! :)

    And keep the recipes coming!! We love muffins around here! :)

  2. ps- This is what we're trying today: