Saturday, March 6, 2010

My hair for the CB ball was SO easy. I have spent the last week watching video after video on you tube for how-to's on easy updo's and found this one. It's called The Holly

I did it a little differently because my hair is a little bit shorter and thinner than the woman in the video. I began with oily hair, then I put some palm-aid around the hairline to help control the friz. Instead of pulling my hair 1/2 way through the last time I wrapped the pony tail holder I pulled it all the way through. Then I back combed my hair a little on the underside. I rolled the hair under itself as if I was wrapping it around a roller. I took one of Gwen's bobble hair elastics (the ones with a ball on each end) I strung one side of it through the hole made by the hair and wrapped the other side around the base of the existing ponytail holder. Finally, I took a hair comb, caught a little bit of hair in it and then pushed it in right in front of the ponytail. I loved it. But most of all, I loved that it was easy.
It did take me a few times to get the technique down just right. So I'd say if you are going to wear this for your next formal event, practice a few times the day before.

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