Monday, June 21, 2010

Pizza Night book Review & Recipes

I've decided that the best way for me to stay on top of things around the house is to have a really good schedule. Part of that is meal planning. And we have tried several times to come up with a good rotation of monthly menus, but we always get off track and drop the ball. So now we do just a weekly menu rotation. And Monday night is Pizza night. So when I found a pizza cook book I was excited to think that this rotation might last a little longer if we try some new types of pizza regularly instead of making the same old kind each week. The book is called PIZZA NIGHT; Top it, stuff it, twist it- The easy way to go with refrigerated dough. All the recipes use a refrigerated Pillsbury dough, but you can make your own if you want. they all seem simple and sort of dummy proof. It's great for us because the point of our pizza night is so we don't have a lot of prep time and so the kids can help us making it more of a family night.
The first recipe we tried was for mini pizzas using biscuit dough instead of pizza dough. I thought it was great because I have a good baking powder biscuit recipe that I like and we don't get stuck with leftovers. If we make a whole pizza, we always have leftovers and when Sam is not around, no body eats them. at first I was worried that it would just taste wrong to not have real pizza dough, but we enjoyed them and will make them the next time Sam is not home on Pizza night.
The next recipe we tried was called Fruity almond Dessert Pizza. The recipe can be found here.
Yes it was good, and yes, we want to make it again! We left the almonds out because we didn't have any. At first glance, I thought that we might need to add icing like on Little Cesar's dessert pizza, but it is just right the way it is. I hope you enjoy it too.


  1. Try making pizza with french bread. We really like doing this when we want pizza but I don't feel like making the dough and everything that goes with that. :)

  2. OH that looks SO good! OH that looks SO good!!!