Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I often think it would be fun to find a project to bridge the gap between raising young children and having all my kids in school some day.  I think it will be fun to finally have time to myself, or go out and get a job outside the home.  But at the same time, I want to be available to the kids if they need me on a day that they are sick/go on a field trip/volunteer in the classroom.  Also, I insist on begin home when they get home from school/attend their sporting events/performances.  Where can one find such flexible employment?

Before we found out that we are expecting baby #4 my husband and I were giggling with the kids about writing a book series about all of our family adventures.  They thought the titles could be a twist on the little house on the Prairie books, but themed according to our military posts.

  • The military house in the windy dessert
  • The military house by the sandy beach
  • The military house in the big woods
  • The military house across the ocean
  • The military house: home at last (I REALLY hope we get to move home to be near family next)

Then one day my husband and I sat down with the kids to make a list of their family memories that would make good book ideas/plot lines. It was so fun to think back on the past and giggle about even the stuff that wasn't funny as it was happening.

  • Maggie Meowing
  • Gwen hurting Baby Maggie
  • Gwen learning to sit up
  • Jumping on the bed
  • The long and annoying move to the Philippines/the long trip around the world
  • Gwen torturing Maggie through their lives
  • Maggie walking in Mom's blind spot
  • Going to Masons house
  • The long road trip to New York
  • Who did this!?!?!
  • Visiting Grandma's house
  • Maggie Drowning
  • Gwen's bookshelf/nursing
  • Gwen making messes (DVD's, pantry, clothes in bedroom)
  • Gwen's b-day/bad guy daddy
  • parent torture times
  • pig pile on poppa
  • Gwen's funny run
  • hilarious moments of the lee family
  • Gwen's annoying noises
  • Gwen squishing Mom while Maggie nursed
  • Gwen piling toys on baby maggie
  • Maggie making new friends at school
  • Gwen's birth
  • Maggie's birth
  • The accidental baby
  • Gwen at the Weinstein's for Thanksgiving
We have SO many story lines to choose from, and our family blog has hundreds more.  But the idea of writing chapter stories seems very daunting to someone who's writing experience just consists of journal writing for the past 8 years.  So I may explore the idea of picture books or something smaller scale.  In an effort to explore the idea of writing a little more I have been looking up some how-to guides on line.  Here is what I've found to get my thinker thinking more about where to begin.
  • The following is on outline explained from Writing children's books for dummies online
    • Beginning
      • Plot points
      • Character Development
      • Pacing
      • Character Development
      • Pacing
    • Middle
      • Plot points
      • Character Development
      • Pacing
      • Character Development
      • Pacing
    • End
      • Plot points
      • Character Development
      • Pacing
      • Character Development
      • Pacing
  • And this link has some basic tips on setting up a productive working environment
    • Stick to a writing schedule
    • Find a good writing location
    • stay organized
    • Prevent distractions (turn off the phone, close out your email notifications)

Eventually, if I'm still interested in writing a book when baby #4 rolls into pre-school, (We should bw moved back to the states by then) I think I will sign up for some writing courses.  For now I just want to get our ideas down to make sure they don't get lost over the years.

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