Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's been a while since I posted something new, and it is because I have been preparing for the owners of our rental house to come for a visit. The rental agency said the owners were coming on Monday or Tuesday. But Monday and Tuesday came and went with no visitors. I had been busting my booty to get the house in presentable condition. (The kids do collateral damage around here on a regular basis. Their ability to make a mess of a clean room astounds me.)
In addition to trying to stay one step ahead of the rug rats I have been gardening to show the home owners what wonderful tenants we are in hopes that they will give us access to the room above the garage. I've discovered that gardening can be expensive, but weeding every month sucks enough to make the money worth it. I'm happy so far with the results. The girls and I even made a cute little scarecrow today. Gwen has been telling me that we should make a scarecrow for our garden since our garden didn't turn out so good last year.
My plant inventory:
  • Bushes with Yellow flowers-African Shrub Daisie's (Euryops P. Viridis 01C 01C) Sun to part Shade
  • Small purple flowering plants between the African shrub Daisey's-Trailing Purple Lantana plants. They are supposed to be a ground cover, so hopefully this will help with the weed problem.
  • Green leafy bushes-Gold Dust Plants. They are supposed to get fairly large. (3-5' wide and 6' tall.)
  • Pink flowering plants-#1 Aucuba Japonica Variegata. They are climbing vines and I hope they help the corners of the "garden" pop.
  • Tomato plant
  • Grape vine
  • sweet peas to climb up the walls/fences
  • spinach- mostly already eaten by bugs
  • Green beans
  • strawberries-their future looks grim
  • Romain lettuce-they didn't make it. Gwen thought they were weeds and pulled them. RIP little leafs.

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  1. Way to go you!! Hope you get success on all accounts! :)