Saturday, May 22, 2010

My new toy:

I saw some cute note cards in the store yesterday. they were adorably decorated and had a place where you could place a personalized message. The messages were typed on little circles that were 1.25" and I fell in love with the idea. So I bought a 1.25" hole puncher and have been having fun using it.

After using some of my scrapbook paper I wised up and went through my magazines and punched a lot of stuff to use on note cards.

I found letters, newspaper print, Animal print, florals and even a brown paper bag.

I look forward to finding some fun ideas of things to do with them.


  1. If nothing else I'm sure it would provide tons of entertainment for the girls to glue dots on stuff! Cute idea, how much was the hole punch?

  2. I think it was 10-15. I normaly don't get stuff like that, but I guess I was in a spendy mood or day dreamed of all the things i'd do with it making it seem priceless at the time.