Saturday, May 22, 2010

tube top to sundress refashion:
I have this tube top that I bought and used as a skirt when I need a skirt on vacation and couldn't find one. It was really cute but I ultimately decided that it didn't have enough weight to be worn as a skirt, and I never could figure out where I wanted the waistband to sit on my waist. So I took it from this to...

I made it into a sundress for Gwen. My inspiration was this top on sparkle Power.
I LOVED that the neck and arms were ruffled by putting elastic through a casing so that it is easy for young children to put on. (Gwen's other summer tops of similar style are difficult to put on.)
I wanted to make sure that it would fit her for a while, so I made it a little big, then sewed 4 loops in the back under the straps with some ribbons. They were about 1/2" long and I burned the ends to make sure they didn't unravel. Then I strung some ribbon through the loops and tied the ends together. This helped the top fit better. The next time I go to the fabric store I think I will look for some pink or purple ribbon that will match the dress better.
Also, there was not enough extra fabric to make the sleeves as long as I would have liked. So while at the store I think I will also look for some dark purple cotton to add a second ruffle on the underside of the plaid sleeves that are just an inch or two longer. I think it would help to pull in the purple trim from the base of the skirt.
I also LOVE that it is a long skirt. I am SO tired of telling Gwen to keep her skirt down at church, and I like that it is a dark enough pattern that she can wear it as play clothes and I don't have to worry too much about stains.

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  1. It turned out SO cute!! And by the smile on her face, she looks like she loves it! :)