Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Look 6930-Pattern Review

This is wedding dress option #2 for my girls.  
New Look #6930


  • It is too baggy around the waistline-  I think a roomy waist is cute in some dress styles, but with the trim around the rib cage on this dress, the baggy-ness just makes it look like it doesn't fit right.  In order to make the dress look better I'd suggest getting a very long ribbon that ties in the front like show (because that is so adorable) but instead of sewing it to the dress all the way back to the zipper closure, stop at the side seem and let it hang free so that you could use it to tighten the dress to improve the fit.


  • I liked the use of bias tape to fold down the neckline.
  • The directions were great and easy to follow.  
  • It went together faster than I expected
  • The ruffle and trim is SO CUTE!!!! 
  • This sleeve is ruffled instead of lying flat, so as sleeves go it was on the easier side.
This project would be good for a seamstress who is ready to graduate from beginner to intermediate.

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