Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding dress #4

So I've submitted dress #3 to the bride and we will see what she has to say.  If she doesn't like it, or is disappointed that there is no lace on it, I will try a little harder to make this dress come to life. It was my first dress idea when my Mom told me that we needed to get the girls dresses that would coordinate with the wedding.  It's obviously inspired by Kate Middleton's Royal wedding dress.  The great thing about this one is that I could probably easily buy a coral dress on line and only have to make the jacket.

Here was my first attempt at a jacket.  (I didn't have any scraps of lace, so I used Georgette fabric.  So just use your imagination on that.)

The things I don't like:
  • The sleeves are too big for this jacket
  • The front of the jacket is poofy, I'm not sure if that is from me stretching it out as I folded down the edge to hem it, or if I need to alter the original pattern I made.
  • The shoulder is not wide enough.  It needs to reach closer up to her neck.  
  • The bow should be a little wider because even though it looks cute in the picture, every time she moved there was a gap between the 2 layers
  • It needs a loop on the sides for the ties to go through to help it stay in place.

The things I like:
  • I think that the basic design is good.  
  • The bow is cute from both the back and the front and it is functional to make it fit perfectly around the waist.
If she likes this one and I work out the kinks it looks like I'll have to order the lace on ebay.  (My local fabric store had a very sad selection of coral special occasion fabric.)  It makes me so grateful to be a seamstress during this day and time and not 30 or more years ago.

P.S. I'm having so much fun being creative right now with all these dresses.  I think it hit me recently that in a year or so we will be moving and our new place probably won't be as big, so I won't have a room where my sewing machine can be left out all the time.

6-14-2013- I tried today to make the adjustments that I noticed needed to be made, but they didn't really help much.  This is so frustrating to try and try and try and not make any progress.  (Today's jacket was jacket #3 for dress option #4 I must be crazy.)  Maybe I'll go back to New Look 6930 and just add the supper long waist band so it will fit better.  Because I really love the long wrap around look, and I think our bride really wants there to be lace on the dress.  My drawing was just so cute, I wish I could make it happen.  I guess there is a reason why a dress like Kate's or Princess Grace's would be so expensive.  It would require A LOT of tailoring.

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