Thursday, May 30, 2013

The wedding dress saga continues

This is the dress that I'm assigned to wear.

Cute, right!  I'm trying to recreate it in a child's size, but I am learning that no matter how many times I go to the fabric store or how much fabric I order on-line, I'm never going to be able to match the color shades exactly.  So between my pattern practice and color choices I have a few questions.

Question #1 the waist-
High waist (black dress) or low waist (cream and coral)?
With the high waist I have to add so much length to the layers that they look a little strange, so I'm thinking that the low waisted dress looks best.

Question #2 fabric choices-
Now that the dress I'm supposed to wear has been decided I know that I need to have the skirt lined with  beige instead of coral.  (so that small swatch on the front of the dress is what the whole skirt would look like.
Or, I could go with a different shade of coral.  (The bottom one in this photo is the other option.  It is not as see through as the fabric in the coral and cream dress, so it wouldn't have the same effect as the one I'm trying to recreate with the 2 layers.  But I wonder if it is a better color match.)

Question #3
Is the top too creamy?  The only other fabric option in the fabric store for the top was a champagne color.  Would that be too dark?
Question #4
What do you think of the lace?  Is it good or should I get something with a smaller pattern?  No shine?

So to sum up my questions

  1. High waist (black dress) or low waist (cream and coral)?_________________
  2. What shade of coral should I use, the see through one or the one in the bottom of the photo?_________________
  3. Should I use a champagne color lace for the top instead of cream?_________________
  4. What type of lace should I use for the top?_________________
  5. Bonus question, am I just obsessing over all this too much, and it doesn't really matter?

And for your enjoyment, here are some more goofy pictures of Gwen in her dresses.

 These two are my favorite :)

She LOVES the black one, so I know that all this work will be worth it when she has 2 fun twirly dresses.


  1. Bri! You have been busy! I love the coral and cream dress!! So cute! Here are the answers to your questions:
    1. Either one looks great, but if you are looking for a decision so that it just gets made, then go with the low waist (coral dress)
    2. Cream. I think champagne would be too dark. I have a confession to make. We actually are not using that exact dress. We are using a skirt and top that basically create the same look. Its a lace cream top and a coral skirt. The skirt fabric is not as light (weight, not color) as the fabric it looks like you're using. That having been said, I still love what you've done and think you should stay with the fabric and colors and pattern that you already have. I'll email you a picture of my cousin in the real outfit. We tried them on side by side and everyone said they like the skirt and top version better! I did too. So, I would say, don't worry about changing the underskirt so that it is cream too...just do it all coral! :)
    3. Lace for the top--I love what you have. From what I can tell in the pictures, its perfect. Run with it!
    4. You ARE being rather thorough, but as the bride, I appreciate it. I don't want you to stress out though!! The truth is, you've got the right colors and was my priority...just that they're in the right color family. Other than that, the style and fabric is not as important. You are doing great!!! I love the dress and I especially love that Gwen loves the dress too!!
    Bonus comment: I have some ribbon that we are using for a couple of things. Its 1 1/2" and is really cool because as some angles it is orangeish and others it is pinkish. It would make a great little sash on the dresses. If you are already working on a sash of some kind, then go with that. But if not, you could tell me how much you think you'd need for three little dresses and I could send it out to you.
    Thank you for your hard work!! You are awesome!

  2. Bri- you're amazing! They all look great!

  3. I liked both of them. The second twirly dress was really adorable! I am more of a mid waist kind of gal though.